Phobias are difficult to deal with because of the mere nature of a phobia, we are afraid to face it. Hence they linger for a long time. Often the only time we do face them is when it starts effecting our function in society.

I could be afraid of being hit by a car, so I only cross the road at the traffic lights or crossings. Okay, that’s fine and probably serves to protect you.
Where there is an emotional attachment to the fear it could look more like this:
I’m afraid of being hit by a car, so I avoid going near roads and I never cross them without clinging to someone I trust.

Sometimes we have developed a phobia from a significant emotional event that’s occurred in our life. We even know why we experience this fear and that its due to more the emotional attachment to the event rather than a rational reason.
Other cases we may have no idea why we have this fear response, yet it’s still so crippling. This could be due to a past life or an ancestral event where you also carry the powerful emotional response.

When dealing with phobias in hypnotherapy, we very safely, and with full control, explore the hidden emotion attached to the phobia and face them, sometimes understand them better and release them from our subconscious. Freeing you up to make your own choices in life not governed by emotions.

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