Directly connecting you with your inner being

For when healing and understanding needs to come from a deeper space within.

My Misson

I truly believe that we have all we need to heal ourselves, within ourselves. Healing is not something we can outsource fully. As a ‘client centred’ hypnotherapist, I assist my clients to connect with their inner self to EXPLORE the true source of their issues, HEAL from them, LEARN from them and MOVE ON with a new understanding.

I understand that finding the right therapist for you is hard, that’s why your introductory session with me is free of charge over Zoom.


Imagine not being held back by that thing you’ve always had a deep fear of!

Relationship Issues

Not just partners, this could be family or people in your social group. Usually they are deep seeded issues from a long way back. Could even have something to do with past lives!?


Time to kick that addiction by facing what’s driving it. It could be anything: food, smoking, exercise, work, alcohol or even porn.


Anxiety rears itself in many forms, but it’s usually an indicator of something deeper that requires your attention. I can hold a safe space for you to explore the root cause.


Sometimes the most powerful one that can hold us back is ourselves. We can get that control back, and live a more authentic life. Let’s get “you” in charge again.

Spiritual Connection

Have you had some strange dreams you would like to explore the meaning of? Do you need to seek a higher part of yourself for guidance? I can help you get out of your head and into your heart space to explore the inner world for answers.

Getting Started is Easy


Free 20 Min Chat

Introductory chat is free and conducted over zoom (or phone)

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Book an online session or face to face at one of my locations.

1st Session!

Your first session we will get a good background and begin the hypnotic process.

"I decided to visit Michael after dealing with a traumatic experience that kept effecting my quality of life. From the moment I reached out to Michael he was welcoming and easy to talk to. I had no idea what to expect from the sessions and I was a little nervous to start with, yet Michael was always understanding and comforting, especially when I was dealing with very strong, deep internal wounds. It took me a few years to reach out to heal myself and I am so glad that I finally did. As a working mother of 3, I made excuses that I had no time but Michael made this very easy as he worked around my ever changing schedule. Michael has a sincere, compassionate and gentle nature which makes the sessions comfortable and successful. I highly recommend Michael and am truly thankful for the peace the sessions with him has brought me."

Carla Wyllie

"I highly recommend Michael for his professional approach and his hypnotherapy skills. He is a fantastic listener and really gets to the crux of what is going on for you. He is very calming and easy to talk to. I got a lot out of my sessions with him, it is really important to fill our cups and this is a great way to support your mental health."

Emma Browne

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does hypnotherapy sit with traditional psychotherapy practices?

Hypnotherapy can be quite complimentary to traditional psychotherapy practices, whether it be with a counsellor, psychologist or psychiatrist. Hypnotherapy can take clients directly to the root cause of their issue at times where this has been unsuccessful with more conventional therapeutic practices. If you are seeing a therapist, Michael can communicate with that therapist (with your permission) to integrate the learnings. If you have previously worked with therapists, great. This should build on what you’ve already worked on.

Is hypnotherapy more effective in person or online?

Through necessity, COVID 19 has shown that results can be just as good online as they are in person. Online service is still available to those who cannot travel to Caulfield, VIC.
Face to face has never been better since Hearn Hypnosis is now home at The Chiro Tree.
Go to the bookings page to chose online or in person.

How many sessions will I need?

As few as possible and as many as required for your outcome. I don’t promise outcomes at a certain number of sessions, I am not in control of that. Hypnotherapy is generally a short term intervention rather than medium or long term therapeutic relationship.

What if I expose details to my therapist that I didn’t want to?

As covered in the “about hypnotherapy” section, hypnosis is not a truth serum that will make you ‘tell all’. You will have the same ability during a trance state to hold information as much as when you are not in the trance state.

Do you work with children?

A: Short answer is yes.
Michael holds a current working with children check and has expansive experience working in the youth sector. This however is a ‘case to case’ basis as to whether hypnotherapy is the most appropriate therapeutic response for your child. Book an introductory zoom chat on the bookings page to discuss further (free of charge).