Relationship Issues

Some relationships can be hard, they often require work and effort. This doesn’t just go for romantic partners, this can be friends, family and even work colleagues/employers. We can’t always avoid these relationships, and sometimes the ones we should, we cling on to at our own (and the others) detriment.

I don’t sit in a room with both parties as a relationship counsellor, I don’t have hand puppets to play out emotions or swap roles (although that kind of work can be pretty valuable).
What I can do though is help you meet the source of your feelings and emotional responses in relation to the other person/people. Ultimately in any relationship, all you can do is work on yourself, the rest is up to them.

And yes, from time to time, previous lives with this other person can pop up in hypnosis to help you understand the relationship and the issues you’re facing from a fresh perspective.

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