Meditation with Michael

What is meditation? Well, I like when Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj uses the analogy:
“..only when the water is clear and still, will it reflect the moon..”
Perhaps if we can clear up and lay still the water long enough, it can reflect (even if momentarily)  the real nature of what or who we truly are.

This can bring:

Δ clear action Δ living in a flow state Δ self realization
Δ awareness Δ a peace not reliant on external factors
Δ connection with love Δ a tool for exploring understanding.

Monthly Meditation -online-

Monthly online meditation where Michael holds the space for you to tune out – and tune in to a deeper stillness within.

A great way to anchor your practice with time for sharing and questions afterwards.

Meditation is a very personal practice. No one else can experience this for you, it’s one you must explore and practice yourself.

You are not alone though!

I can give you tools to practice the right meditation for you at this stage in your life no matter what your belief or disbelief system.

1 on 1 Mentoring

Book in for an online chat to get more info on how to learn your own mediation practice.


Group Classroom Beginner / Advanced

Join a beginners class or advanced class to learn how to meditate in this engaging and practical program.

Group meditation classes are a great way to learn and apply multiple meditation techniques to see what suits your lifestyle. It gives some great accountability to get you into the right habbits and change how you want to live your life.

It can also be a great way to meet like minded individuals and make new connections.

An introductory chat is required before being able to book into the course to make sure this is the right thing for you.

Be curious, be excited. This could be the next step in a major upgrade to your living!