We tend to be the greatest at holding ourselves back in life and why wouldn’t we be? We know ourselves better than anyone else, we know what pushes our buttons and we have constant access to our own thoughts!

But why would we be the ones sabotaging our own lives???
Well, possibly because we are the only one’s that can. And sometimes we do this to protect ourselves from a perceived greater threat.

We are not to blame for our lack of confidence, but we are the only ones who can build it up.

Others may have influenced our perspective of ourselves and our abilities. Particularly others in a position of power or control. Society and institutions we have grown up in may have consciously or unconsciously conditioned our thinking and perception over time.

Through hypnosis I can hold the space for you to be courageous and face what has formed the way you think of yourself and to find the truth in who you are. No comparisons, no judgements, no standards.

There is no magic spell to make you feel like you can do everything, but there is a way for you to believe in yourself and be your authentic self in all that you do.

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